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I got a new 32 GB SD card for my Galaxy S3 (i9300), but:

  • I can't install apps on the external SD card.

  • I can't move apps to the external SD card.

I read once that I should partition the SD card using MiniTool Partition to create ext2 and FAT32 partitions. I did this, then I tried to move an app using Link2SD and I received the message Install Failed Insufficient Storage (my SD card is empty).

I also tested this using MoveToSD, but this one said Your device doesn't support moving apps to SD Card.

I don't what else to do. Is it possible for me to move apps to the SD card on my device?

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Don't have an S3 but found this post. – yohlulz Mar 27 '13 at 21:04

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