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I have an HTC One X that has recently stopped working for no apparent reason. It was looked at by a repairer and I was told that there was no liquid in the phone and the motherboard required replacement. As such they said that none of the files could be saved...

The phone wont turn on, not even when connected to the computer nor does the charge light come on when plugged in.

My question is whether there is any way to recover the data(photos, videos) Im not bothered by the phone not working just need the files. Thanks

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Without the phone even basically powered up (and the data not residing on an external SDCard), that's close to impossible for the "normal end-user". There might exist methods using JTAG and the like, which could be performed by a data recovery center. But I'm afraid you won't like the prices there... –  Izzy Apr 2 '13 at 6:49
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