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When I first used the share functionality (Share via email) from the gallery, Android asked me what should be the size of the images (fullsize / normal / small) that will be shared. I opted for regular then, and now I want to change this setting.

I cannot seem to find this setting option anywhere, anyone knows where I can change this ?

(Note: The "crop" feature in the gallery).

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It's an Email setting, not a gallery setting. You need to go to Settings → Applications → Manage applications → All → Email

Then hit "Clear data" to remove your settings.

You will have to reset up your email.

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I went against the original clause in my question and used Image Shrink Lite.

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If anyone else has alternative apps or ways, please mention & I'll be happy to have a look at it. – Sathya Jan 5 '11 at 3:56

I found the option to arrange image size from within the email application itself(i use stock email app of samsung s4)

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Nice for you! Mind to share where it is? ;) – Izzy May 23 '14 at 15:53

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