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I'm trying to use the "Terminal-IDE" development environment.

I think it's FANTASTIC from what I can see so far, but at the moment its promise is more than it delivers (to me at least) because I'm having trouble getting to / from the phone as discussed in the HELP literature.

The wiki link on that page is non-functional.

While I have specific issues that may appear to be more of a generic nature and may appear to belong on, say ServerFault or SuperUser, I think they're likely to be common to people using Terminal-IDE...

I'm going to post those issues here in AndroidEnthusiasts as so far this seems like the best place....


BY THE WAY, a new tag, "Terminal-IDE" should be created, but, while I have plenty of reputation in StackOverflow, et al, I haven't got that reputation HERE. Would someone PLEASE create this tag (and let me know!), so we Terminal-IDE users can find related questions and answers? THANKS!

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In communications with the coder who created Terminal-IDE, known only as Spartacus Rex, the Terminal-IDE community is fairly new and no one had yet created a community.

So, I did.

You can now find:

  • A Web Site where there may one day be a wiki (help needed - can YOU help set up a Wiki?).
  • An email list to join to ask and answer questions. This list has a searchable archive.
  • A new Blog-Site.
  • And, at least one new contribution of code to help user's out. It's called Resolver.

Happy? Give it a thumb's up!

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+1 Thank you. I started . I hope you find that wiki page useful. – David Cary Jan 17 at 4:24

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