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I need to factory reset my phone. However, I need to know whether I will be able to download the applications I paid for on Google Play once I do the reset, and download them onto my phone at no additional cost.

If once I do a factory reset I need to pay again to download all the apps, then is there a way to back them up prior to doing a reset, and then reinstall them back again?

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Before doing factory reset, you can backup your phone settings to the cloud by going to Settings > Backup & reset and checking the box that says Backup my data.

Once done, you can reset your phone, and when you set it up again with your gmail ID it was backed up with, the settings and apps, everything will be restored (wifi APs as well).

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Thanks, this helps. –  user2239505 Apr 4 '13 at 7:26

Once bought, always yours. New device, factory-reset, does not matter -- as long as your account stays the same. Paid apps are bound to the Google-Account you've purchased them with.

To give some proof: I use several apps I bought once on 3 devices simultaneously. I never was asked to pay again when installing them on the next device. Provided I used the same account, of course.

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