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My SGS3 is recognised -- but it does not connect or transfer files, not even a backup!

I have tried everything from numerous cables to different PCs & even a Mac (because I'm a Mac user). I've used a PC to satisfy myself that it's not my Mac and nothing has worked.

Any suggestions? Should I contact samsung and say "Give me a new one"? But what good is that when all my files photos and music are on this that won't back up!!

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Have you checked what USB connection mode is set? Maybe it is set to "charge only"? Do you have an USB entry in your notification area when connected? – Izzy Apr 4 '13 at 11:08

I've had this issue with my S3 sometimes. Alternatively, what you could try is download and install the drivers from here: link. Or you could also try changing the USB mode from MTP mode to camera mode (from the notifications). Don't forget to restart after installing!

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