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I'm having problem using youtube. I use different gmail accounts for e-mail and youtube and I would like them to be separated. Is there a way to tell youtube to use a different account from the "system" one?

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Yes, add both your account to Settings > Account, then you can choose which account to sign in to on the YouTube app.

  1. Make sure to sign out first

    Sign out

  2. Swipe left, and tap on Sign In

    Sign in

  3. You should be presented with an account chooser

    Chose account

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So I added the new account but on the youtube app I don't see the option to switch. It keeps logging in with my old account –  dierre Apr 7 '13 at 17:00
@dierre: I've added some screenshots, what YouTube app version are you using? Very old version does not support multiple account, IIRC. These screenshots are from 4.4.11, the latest available on Google Play at the moment. –  Lie Ryan Apr 7 '13 at 17:45
ok so, the thing now is that when I click login I just got an error "Cannot perform this action". Really weird stuff. BTW I'll accept it. Would you like to start a chat to help me solving the problem? –  dierre Apr 8 '13 at 9:12
@dierre: try clearing the cache? –  Lie Ryan Apr 8 '13 at 13:03
@LieRyan, you really shouldn't use blur on your screenshots. Instead, completely color over them. There are algorithms that can de-blur information, and in your case, I can see with my own eyes your two email addresses (if i squint, or if I adjust brightness and contrast in an image editor). –  Stephen Schrauger Apr 8 '13 at 15:48

I have YouTube app version 5.3.32 and the only way I could change accounts was to clear the data from Settings > Apps > YouTube and when launching the app again it asked which account I wanted to use.

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Log-in to Youtube with your other account and then add it to Google account. So Next time you can choose either one from Gmail (there is option to switch accounts in Gmail).

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No, you cannot add an account to the YouTube app and we are forced to use one account. I really do not understand why they haven't added that yet...

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