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Given a wide variety of devices, is it possible to address the colour spaces such that a accurate reproduction of munsell colours are shown?

If it is possible, what applications can best be compared against a printed colour book to check an individual device's colour reproduction?

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Nearly all Android devices use the sRGB colourspace with 8 bits per channel, though some cheaper or older ones use 8 bits per channel in the framebuffer when the screen actually has a much lower bit depth, so it's not always possible to tell the real colour reproduction capabilities of the screen from the software configuration. If you have a table giving the closest sRGB equivalent to each Munsell colour, then the only question is how close you need it to be.

I don't know of any colour calibration tools, and a quick search on Google Play didn't find any, so it's likely that no such software exists for Android. In any case, actually adjusting the on-screen colours to match the printed swatch would need you to have on the device. Your best bet may be to use a paint tool or colour picker tool to show on the screen each colour you're interested in, and compare with the swatch that way.

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