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these commands wont work:

fdisk -l #outputs nothing...
su; fdisk -l #nothing..
sudo fdisk -l #sudo not found...
parted -l #parted not found...

is there any app that shows that easly?

EDIT: for now I had to attach the sdcard to PC and let linux mount it, I found the partition was ext3 and not ext2 that I thought! all I read says partition must be mounted to know its type... I think we must create a path and mount it with automatic detection and see mount output to know the partition type.

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Have you got the file command available? This question on SuperUser says that's the way to go.

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very interesting, on my PC, this command: sudo file -Ls /dev/sda4; shows, without mounting, that the filesystem is ext4! but file command isnt available on my android :(, I have busybox, but no file command was found :( – Aquarius Power Apr 20 '13 at 23:25
mmm, seems we can have the file command:, I just dont know if it will work on my android kernel – Aquarius Power Apr 20 '13 at 23:31

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