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Whatsapp, Keeping the number on the new phone but without the old sim card.
Ok the situation is I love my old number and to be honest don't want to ask everybody to change my number again and again.
But I do not have the old sim card, and that bums me out. If there is any way to achieve this?

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On a new device WhatsApp generally ask you to verify your phone number by SMS, which will be a bit difficult without the SIM. –  Andrew Lott Dec 5 '13 at 21:11

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Whatsapp checks if there's a sim card installed at the time of boot.
So as long as you have a sim card installed, it shouldn't be a problem to your whatsapp account (The old one)

I've switched sim cards and it hasn't affected my whatsapp account.
The problem of verification arises when you boot your phone without a sim card.

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You could move your phone number to your new sim card and just type it in WhatsApp, I did that. WhatsApp will ask you for your phone number and once you type it in it should let you log in without a problem. (It worked for me).

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