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I tried to install firefox mobile edition on HTC wildfire (Indian edition) but it fails anyone faced the same problem or any workaround available to install

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Which way did you install Firefox? There are currently two ways to get and install it, either from the Android Market at… or as a download from Mozilla themselves that you can then "side-load" onto your device from Also can you let us know how the install failed. Did you get any error messages? – GAThrawn Jan 5 '11 at 10:03
I'm afraid you may simply be out of luck for the time being. The Wildfire is not on the list of supported devices – Matt H Jan 5 '11 at 14:28

Credit to Matt H's comment for pointing me the right way.

If you follow through to the System Requirements page on their wiki, the HTC Wildfire is specifically called out as an unsupported device as it has an ARMv6 based processor; Firefox Mobile currently requires an ARMv7 compatible processor.

They do have an experimental build for ARMv6 based devices, which you can download here but according to the warning on the page, that is broken at the moment. If you keep an eye on there they may announce when it starts working.

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