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Usually, I have my device locked to "2G only" for multiple reasons:

  • saving
  • no need for "high-speed" to simply be informed about new mail or doing the little contacts/calendar syncs (not much changes, either)

But from time to time, I could use 3G:

  • some area that has bad 2G coverage (data-wise)
  • the occasional "internet use" e.g. with a navigation app, looking up "a little more" on the web, or installing something from

For those occasions, I find it impractical to navigate to the settings page and change that manually -- even when done via some "shortcut" placed on a . Preferably, I want to be able to automate this via , to e.g. automatically switch when entering/leaving the "bad coverage area" or when one of those apps is in foreground (both conditions are covered by tasker, just the "action" is missing). I checked thoroughly on our site here, on the , and even did an extensive Google search -- but all that turned up was either a shortcut or a kernel patch for specific ROMs, both no-gos for me.

Hence my...


Is there any easy way to switch between 2G/3G mode? As said, shortcuts to the settings page do not count (so Can anyone reccomend a 2g / 3g switching widget? is no option). Wanted criteria include:

  • not requiring more than one tap (preferably no tap to trigger the action, see below)
  • a big plus (and favorite wish): ability to be triggered via
  • not depending on specific ROMs (should work with )
  • preferably not involving -- but options requiring root would still be fine with me
  • hacks are fine with me as well :)
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You will almost certainly need to be rooted to do what you're asking; like the GPS, I don't believe non-system Apps have the ability to toggle that. –  Harsha K Apr 24 '13 at 19:24
Which phone have you got? My Tasker has a 2G/3G toggle (under the Net action category when adding a task), but it's disabled on my LTE S3. –  Trebor Rude Apr 24 '13 at 19:33
@HarshaK I will not be rooted -- but my devices are :) That's why I wrote "options requiring root would still be fine with me", though a solution not requiring root would be useful for a broader audience. I'm well aware that a non-root solution is quite unlikely -- but hey, I thought the same when I posted my question about "full backup of non-rooted devices", and got a big surprise. So why not again? :) –  Izzy Apr 24 '13 at 19:47
@TreborRude Same for me, though the device is rooted (looks like Tasker itself does not make use of that). Current device list: see my profile :) Most important ATM would be the LG Optimus 4X -- but again, if the solution is available for a broader audience, all the better. –  Izzy Apr 24 '13 at 19:50
I don't get why a widget is not accepted? Switch pro has a button to do exactly what you want with a single tap, you don't need to be root AFAIK, and is not ROM specific. No tasker support I'm afraid though. –  UncleZeiv Apr 29 '13 at 22:27

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I've been looking for automated network switching for years, and I had always thought that this kind of behaviour was only possible using Cyanogen (or similar) ROMs. Anyway, I recently found some threads on XDA that suggest that this might not be true.

First, it seems that in Sony Devices it's possible to tweak the system to show a 2G/3G toggle:


And there's also this other thread that shows you how to "open" any ROM (even stock) so 2G/3G switching is possible. I don't fully understand the process, but as far as I see it should even work with Tasker:


All methods require rooting the phone, though, which I think is unavoidable.

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