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I use the free version of Documents To Go to open Excel and Word files on my phone, but I was disappointed when I tried to open a CSV file. The only app I have that responds to the Intent for opening a CSV file displays it as plain text.

Does anyone know of a good free app for viewing CSV files in a grid/spreadsheet layout?

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Simple Spreadsheet is freeware and lists import/export of CSV as a feature.

Shead Spreet Lite also has similar features.

In the non-freeware category, see CSV Viewer and AndrOffice

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Documento - office viewer can open and view CSV files. I believe it costs $1, though it can open other files as well.

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Please stop using txtspeak. "u" is not a word, it is "you". – eldarerathis May 17 '12 at 13:31

I recommend the Documento Office app. Very good app for opening a .csv file and the price is worth it.

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I use CSV Editor. Its about $1.50 and works well.

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The OP asked for a free app – THelper Oct 10 '12 at 19:26

Data Bee is the best. It can handle large files without problems. I has been using it for so many years.

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