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After much waiting and tribulation, I've finally successfully unlocked tethering and installed Paranoid Android on my Nexus 7 3G device.

In the progress, I had to tell Windows to ignore its default MTP drivers and use Google's debugging own to interface with Android, fastboot and the like. As a result, I now can't go back to accessing the device using MTP from inside Windows itself.

I tried uninstalling all the relevant drivers from Device Management, but now Windows prefers Android ADB Interface to whatever I was using before. I've tried to force the setup of MTP drivers from Device Management, Add legacy hardware, Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, Portable Devices, (Standard MTP Device), MTP USB device. This didn't work ("This device cannot start. (Code 10)").

How can I get file transfer back?

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Which version of PA are you using? For what it's worth I also have a Nexus 7 (Wifi) running PA and also can't enable MTP. –  1990clb Apr 1 at 15:16
Does it work with Linux? Linux should always work fully "out of the box" with Androids, so if it has a problem it's the ROM, not your computer/Windows drivers. –  NoBugs Apr 9 at 5:54
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