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I am using the Dropbox app on a Samsung tablet (Android 4.1.1) and I need to move files from the current folder into a new folder that I have created in the current folder.

I can create a new folder with the menu in the top right but I cannot see how to move files into the folder. The pull-down menu associated with each file only contains options for Share Favorite Delete Rename Export.

NOTE: I have a terminal on my tablet and I am not opposed to using that but going to does not show the updated version of shared folders from Dropbox (but this is a whole other question I need to ask!)

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The menu for each file (the one you get by clicking the down-triangle-in-ring icon, or by long-tapping a file) should also have a Move item between Rename and Export. Clicking it brings up a selector you can use to select where to move it to. I can't imagine why you might not have that item.

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That is what I would have expected as well... but it is not there on any of my files. – KennyPeanuts May 1 '13 at 16:11
It seems it was just a glitch or an odd setting I inadvertently set... I deleted all of the folders and made them anew and the move option has returned. – KennyPeanuts May 6 '13 at 19:44

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