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Today I got a message from my operator, my phone (Galaxy Note 2) open it in CP Message (I don't know if this is app, the title say 'CP Message'). I installed the file that my operator sent to me. After I close it, I can't find it anymore. Where is it? How can I found it again?


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Go over to your Messaging app, press the options button/menu button (depends on the device). A short list will pop-up including options like Search, Drat Messages, Delete, etc. One of these options should say 'Configuration Messages' or something similar. This is where the CP messages you receive are stored. I'm not sure as to what purpose they serve (they seem to vary from lists of MMS to Browser settings), but that's where all of them are.

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It would probably be helpful if you could give the OP a it more help than this, like where the menu you're talking about is found. Is it on the main screen, in the Messages app, in Settings, or somewhere else? – GAThrawn May 10 '13 at 10:07

Oh it's pretty simple dude. Open messages then tap options button and then select first option from top in the list which is "Configuration messages". In this way you will be able to see all configuration messages.

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