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Possible Duplicate:
Knowing which applications to stop

I just got a used Nexus One and I see a lot of running services and applications. I'm wondering what negative impact there would be if I just started switching them off?

For example, obviously, I don't want to mess with "Calendar," but what about "Calendar Storage?" If I install Handcent SMS, do I still need the Messaging-related services/applications? Same for Media: if I install Winamp, do I still need those?

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See also: – Matthew Read Oct 3 '12 at 23:13

Calendar depends on Calendar Storage; Handcent still relies on the device's services for receiving messages; and I would guess that even if Winamp doesn't rely on Media, your wallpaper or notification sounds or something else does.

I would mostly leave these "System" services alone. If you have battery trouble, it's likely due to user-installed apps.

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Pretty sure that Winamp (and most other players) still use the device's Media database to save having to rescan everything themselves. – GAThrawn Jan 7 '11 at 19:49