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When I lock my Samsung Galaxy Nexus by pushing the power button, my phone's screen darkens for a few seconds, then keeps staying awake with the lock screen displayed. This keeps eating away at my battery life. This started happening only recently. Why does it happen?

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The problem is that the hooks inside your charging port are too close to the bottom. Therefore with a small knife or needle, life the middle part up nearer to the screen and Voila! Your problem should be fixed. Its not the software. Its the hardware .

This seems to be a very weird problem with a lot of different causes. Some people have had success with removing or modifying the software, other people think that it's the pin problem. If you get any of these solutions to work, let me know. Hope this helps!


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Bending the pins upward fixed my problem. Thanks! – gparyani May 11 '13 at 3:49
I had the opposite issue of the quoted text: my Note 3 would activate the screen every few seconds when it was plugged into the charger. Sure enough, bending the MicroUSB tongue upwards resolved the issue. It seems that the tongue was bent too low, and was therefore making intermittent contact with the charger. Every time contact was reestablished, the screen would activate. – dotancohen Aug 23 '15 at 18:15

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