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The permissions warning in the Android Market is very vague. As well, I can't see the app permissions in a collective area of all the apps I have previously installed. So, I have no clue whether an app is accessing my contacts, my email address, my name, phone number, camera, microphone, image gallery, and other private information.

Is there a way, or an app I can install, which will indicate some risks to me about my apps and my privacy?

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You can see the permissions of installed apps. Go to

Market -> Menu button, My apps -> select an app -> Menu button, Security

There are also apps called Permissions Watchdog, and Permissions, as per Al's comment.

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(This may be OS version dependant)

If you go into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications, you should be able to click on any app whether you installed it via the Market or "side-loaded" it, and there's a Permissions section if you scroll down that lists them all.

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