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I need to emulate an Android 4.2 device in Vmware Workstation 7.1.

I downloaded the image android-x86-4.2-20130228.iso from I tried to run it as a live-cd and also installed it on the VM harddisk (much like described at In either case I got the following console screen:

enter image description here

taken from this topic in the google groups. So, you may see the problem occurs not only in my environment. I tried recommended setting from the topic (... nomodeset vga=(any unreal mode such as 987877 or 5785 etc)) as a possible workaround. Nothing helps.

The question: how to fix the problem and run android-x86 in Vmware Workstation?

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Over time new versions of Android-x86 appear, and the problem is solved now by the next available release - build 20130725 with Android 4.3.

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