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I've got a new Android 4.1 tablet. I am trying to run an old app which was created for Android 2.1 and relies on the menu button, and I am not an Android programmer (yet). Can somebody points me to a ready-made application which returns the new menu button? (this trick seems to show how to do it: http://lancelotmobile.com/blog/mobile-air-app-compatible-with-android-4/).

Any idea?

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I don't think this is something you can do with an app. A custom ROM might work, but apps (to my knowledge) can't alter the menu bar on a system-wide basis. You'd either need a ROM that supports this as a configuration option (or a modified framework for your current version of Android, possibly) or you'd have to alter the original app to properly support newer Android versions, most likely. –  eldarerathis May 22 '13 at 20:13

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When a newer device loads an app that targets an old Android version, it displays a menu button on the system bar, near the home, recents, and back buttons. It has the same "three dots" icon that you see on newer Android apps. Pressing this has the same effect as pressing the menu key on a device that has one.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! The three dots were so tiny I couldn't see them. –  Druvision May 24 '13 at 8:02

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