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The camera in my Galaxy S3 is not everything I want it to be. It's lacking one feature which is important for me: timer. That pushed me to search for camera apps and I was hopping to easily find the app for people that care about taking pictures. Instead I found the apps for people that care about filters.

This is my mental spec for a camera app:

  • Take the highest possible quality of pictures.
  • Timer with configurable time as well as amount of pictures.
  • Widget to take pictures with one tap on my home screen.

Is there such an app?

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The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S 3 does have a timer. Click the gear to bring up the settings menu. Timer is nearly halfway down, between Focus mode and Resolution.

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Ouch... now I feel dumb. I somehow forgot that you could scroll the list of settings. –  J. Pablo Fernández May 31 '13 at 11:08
Perhaps you should edit your question to ask how to set a timer on this phone. As it stands it's likely to be closed. –  Dan Hulme May 31 '13 at 11:22

There's Camera JB+ available from the Google Play store



  • 3 modes: camera, video recorder & panorama
  • Silent mode (no shutter sound, might not work on some devices)
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Configurable volume keys
  • Wide screen pictures
  • Picture quality setting (low/medium/high/ultra)
  • Configurable storage source (Internal/SD card)
  • Timer
  • Burst mode
  • Guidelines
  • Video/Audio quality configurable


  • Ultra fast photos & videos viewer
  • Configurable thumbnail size
  • Grid view/Filmstrip view
  • Hide unwanted folders
  • Slideshow mode
  • Trim videos


  • High quality photo editing
  • New filters and borders
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you could also use Camera ICS + play.google.com/store/apps/… –  Rachel Gallen May 31 '13 at 8:15

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