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We have a user on Android 4.0.4, Model SCH-R760, (I think a Galaxy S2) she just recently took her phone into US Cellular to apparently fix this "Connection Error (ExchangeAccount) with her Calendar. However after doing what I assume was a factory reset based on her description of what US Cellular did, she continues to get the "Connection Error (ExchangeAccount). However she can get her e-mail just fine, we even removed and re-added the account, updated the Security Settings, and still the e-mail works great, but continue to get this Calendar sync error. I confirmed the Calendar Sync is on in the Exchange account settings, and also confirmed it is on under the Calendar APP, tried to add an appointment to the Exchange Calendar and it doesn't sync to her Outlook application on her PC, any ideas?

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Also just to give some more insight, apparently when she hooks up her Galaxy S2 to her work computer with a USB cable, she can sync her Exchange calendar when connected via USB? How would she be able to do that, but get an error when syncing via WiFi/Cellular network? –  j_bombay Jun 7 '13 at 20:10
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