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My Xperia Z is stuck int a bootloop. It goes up to the colorful waves and then it restarts. It was connected with USB in charging mode. Suddenly, it starts restarting. I thought it might be carrying out some of its processes, but even after an hour of restarts, it failed to start normally. Now my battery is completely drained.

I want to recover/restore it to factory settings, but I can't because of bootloops.

The phone is only two months old, and I do not want to format and restore flash files via flashtools as suggested on the XDA forums. Getting into recovery mode and restoring from there will be preferred, instead of flashing. My last resort will be a Sony Service Center.

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You might want to check Booting to recovery, which is about a Xperia mini pro (being a Sony Xperia device lets me hope it fits). If you can boot into recovery, you should be able to do a factory reset from there. – Izzy Jun 4 '13 at 15:54

Download the flash tool and search for "FTF stock images". Find your phone's model number and download at least 4 different versions of the stock Firmware from beginning to newest. Flash following instructions. This will fix this!

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It would be better if you could explain more in detail, though... – Andrew T. Apr 16 '15 at 1:52

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