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I have an S3 I'm attempting to import contacts to.

I started with a list I've converted to .CSV and then used an online converter to create .VCF files from for each of the contacts.

The S3 will not import the .CSV or .VCF files. I've combined the .VCF files into 1 and it still refuses to import them.

Is there any other way to do this without creating a GMail/Google account to first import them into? (Device is setup with an IMAP account so no need for GMail).

The S3 reports "Couldn't import vCard" then within notification it reads "The format is not supported". The .VCF's I have created are version 2.1.

What versions of vCard does the S3 support?

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No comments or replies?! – HaydnWVN Jun 13 '13 at 7:36
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Without finding a way of doing this I ended up bluetoothing all the contacts from the old handset across (A Samsung B2100).

Would be nice to find more information about this buggy/broken feature on the S3.

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