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I want to flash a new rom, but it will change my android ID. Is there any way to just back up my current android ID WITHOUT make a whole-system-backup?

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Could you expand on this a little, please. What "Android ID" are you talking about? –  Dan Hulme Jun 13 '13 at 10:34
@dan hulme :the identify number for the android system. Changing it causes problems in some apps (these apps seems to tie the android id up with your app account) –  zwangxian Jun 20 '13 at 4:18

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Backup the "Settings Storage" app from TitaniumBackup. That will help you store your android ID. If you want to restore it, unfortunately, you'll have to use TitaniumBackup pro since it is the only app which lets you restore your Android ID.

Taken from XDA:

Settings Storage - Be careful when you restore this. For eg: its not a good idea to restore CM9 settings to an AOKP ROM or vice versa. This is best used when you know exactly what you are doing. Also, a lot of differences between ROMs will probably be the fact that it provides some new customization options in the settings. So restoring this doesnt make sense unless you know for sure that they are the same. Handle with care.

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