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Respected sir, With due respect & humble submission I like to inform you that my Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 phone is lock due to many time drawing wrong screen pattern.

So, sir I request to you please solve my problem as early as possible

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All available steps are described in the answers to Cannot unlock tablet as have no internet connection?. You might also want to take a look at the locked-out tag-wiki. – Izzy Jun 17 '13 at 6:25

Solution 1 (if you have your Google Account)

  • Keep Drawing the pattern number of times
  • Then at one time it will recognize that you forgot your pattern
  • Then it will ask for your E Mail ID and password
  • Type them then you can log in

Solution 2 (If you forget your Google Account)

  • Power Off
  • Press Volume Up + Home Key + Power Button
  • It will start in recovery mode
  • Select Factory Reset option using Power key.

Hope it works.

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