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I'd like my Android device to keep quiet during the night, no alerts for mails and talk messages, only calls and of course, the wake-up alarm. How can I do it?

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Don't you wake up from vibrate? Then you'll still wake up from calls, but won't be bothered with anything else –  Ivo Flipse Jul 14 '10 at 19:50

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Timeriffic is fantastic for this purpose, it's also on f-droid.org.

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It is also free –  John Jul 14 '10 at 20:22
I'm using this one and so far it's working great. I might give Sweet Dreams for Android a try. –  J. Pablo Fernández Aug 9 '10 at 7:56

I am surprised nobody has mentioned Sweet Dreams for Android. Its a free app and can pretty much do everything but tuck you in at night and make eggs and bacon in the morning:

  • switch your phone to slient mode automatically during preset times
  • those preset silent times can be overridden if your phone detects noise (i.e. you are still awake)
  • it has an alarm feature that can wake you up as well

This app was the winner in one of the Android Developer Challenges as well.

More Info:


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Or... you can use the simplest solution.

  1. Add the Power Control widget
  2. At night, turn off the Data Sync widget (fourth from the left, between GPS and Light)

No email or other notifications will make noise. In the morning, just turn it back on and you'll get all your notifications.

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This solution prevents you from having a process running all the time just for that :) –  Dielson Sales Sep 14 '12 at 8:14

You can set the alarm to be active during 'silent mode', but that would eliminate calls.

Also, you can download Tasker or Locale from the market to create custom profiles based on time. These two apps (and I'm sure there are others) are extremely customizable and you will be able to set up profiles exactly like you mentioned.

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Too bad Locale is a paid app nowadays –  Ivo Flipse Jul 14 '10 at 19:49
I use Locale, so if it is during sleep hours, at home, and plugged in, it goes quiet. If I am at work, any time, it goes semi quiet. –  Ronald Pottol Jul 17 '10 at 4:39

I use Llama to achieve this. It is free and very flexible and can control a lot of other settings too. It uses nearby cells to identify your location, so it is not as accurate as others that use GPS, but does not require the GPS to be on in order to achieve location based profiles.

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Even easier with Tasker:

Create a profile called silentMode

  • Set it to be active between 23:00 until 09:00
  • Now, add a task, call it muteAudio, with a tasker's function called 'Silent Mode', Set that to On

That's one profile created. Now to do the opposite logic...

Create another profile called normalMode

  • Set it to be active between 09:01 until 22:59
  • Now, add a task call it soundOn, with a tasker's function called 'Silent Mode', set that to Off

Now, both tasks will be activated depending on the clock on the device :)

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No widget necessary. I turn off auto sync and turn the volume down to vibrate. I have a sleep tracker app called WakeMate on my phone and the alarm still goes off, even when the volume is turned down to vibrate (using the button on the side, not in settings). To turn off Auto Sync, I press (unselect) the icon that looks like a Refresh symbol on the floating toolbar. If you removed the toolbar, you can turn off auto sync by pressing Settings > Accounts & sync > Auto-sync (clear the check box). It prevents the phone from going to get your email and so on. Turn it back on when you wake up and turn up your volume and you'll soon hear the familiar downloading of emails, text messages, Twitter updates, App updates, whatever.

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Best app. Runs as a clock at night, only thing that will make noise are phone calls. Love it.

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Another alternative is one of the original taskers: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.cooolmagic.android.toggle5&feature=search_result (the lite version)

https://market.android.com/details?id=com.cooolmagic.android.togglepro&feature=search_result (Paid version)

Have being using it since Android 1.6.

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A new app I've been using is Silence (Free, but you can pay to get rid of the ads).

It's really pretty simple to set up. You simply add a new event, give it the start and end times, optionally set it to repeat on which days and set your "toggles". It can toggle more than sounds, though:

  • Ringer + Notification
  • Media
  • Alarm
  • Airplane Mode
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile Data

You can toggle off any or all of those. Another nice feature is that you tell it what to do with the toggle when the event ends:

  • Change back (to whatever it was set at before)
  • Do nothing
  • Silent (for sound toggles)
  • Vibrate (for sound toggles)
  • Set a volume level (for sound toggles)
  • Turn on/off (for system toggles)

I particularly like the "Change back" setting. If I've already silenced the ringer manually, I don't necessarily want it to come back on when the event ends.

They also recently added the ability to tie an event to an event in your calendar.

I use this to set my ringer to vibrate and turn off wi-fi during the times I'm (generally) commuting on the train (because I sit in the Quiet Car and there's no wi-fi available). I also use it to turn off the sound on my tablet during the hours I'm likely to be asleep.

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Samsung devices running Jelly Bean have this functionality built in-in the form of Blocking mode, which will allow you to shut off notifications, alarms, incoming calls, and alarms (any or all of the above) for whatever space of time you select.

For the incoming calls (and SMS/email notifications), you can also select whether to block all calls or allow some numbers through.

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Stock sys volume settings:

  • Alarm vol up
  • Ringer up
  • Notifications down
  • Sys vol down

You can use Quick Settings to quickly change these settings or Quick Profiles to create profiles for one click profile switching. I use this last option and have 2 shortcuts on my home, one that turns on my bedtime profile and one that turns on the daytime profile.

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