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So on my Galaxy S4 I can open the Apps Overflow Menu (4x4 square-ish dots) and press the menu button (left of the Home) and choose edit. From there I can long press icons and put them into a folder on a particular page.

What I can't do is drag apps from page to page and place them in folders on different pages.

I would really like to have all my Verizon/Samsung apps in their own folders.

I feel the answer will be a resounding "you can't", but how can I put icons from different pages of the apps overflow menu into folders on a different page in this menu list?

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I have an S4 (Build number I9505XXUBMGA) using the Nova launcher.

However, I've changed to the stock launcher, and testing your scenario. My apps are sorted alpabetically (View type > Alphabetical grid). So, I created 4 different folders that would be strategically placed in different pages.

In edit mode, I dragged 1 app to the every edge of the screen, and it moved to the next page. I looked for the folder and dropped it there. Success! :)

The key here is to drag it to the very edge of the screen. You will see a blue vertical line show up once you get to the very edge. Again, do not just move it within the page. Move it to the very edge.

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Wow... when you say edge you mean edge lol. I thought I had held far enough over and it didn't seem to work but I just tried it again and realized it wasn't enough before. Thanks! –  TronicZomB Jul 24 '13 at 13:49
@TronicZomB You're welcome. Glad to be of help. :) –  geffchang Jul 24 '13 at 14:14

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