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My mother just changed her SIM card. I forgot to disable MobiUCare and I'm about a thousand of kilometers away from the phone.

I keep receiving an SMS:

SIM card changed. Plz check phone if lost or stolen" with SIM ID and Gmail ID.

I found that MobiUCare supports lots of SMS commands to remotely track/wipe phone. Doesn't it have any to defuse the anti-theft system? I mean, I expected the change of SIM card, the new one is legitimate.

Actually one SMS can be considered enough instead of an half-hourly report that drains credit

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Answer: No

Based on the currently available information at their support FAQ page, no, you cannot disable the "SIM card change notification" feature with remove SMS control:

How can I control device via SMS

1) Set a password and enable SMS command option using "Preference" menu of the app
2) Send SMS commands

Locate phone : ## locate password
Siren : ## siren password
Lock screen : ## lock password screenlockpassword
Factory reset : ## wipe password
Reset and format SD : ## wipeall password
Toggle GPS : ## gps password
Toggle WIFI : ## wifi password
Toggle Bluetooth : ## bluetooth password

What can you do:

You can let the phone owner know how to access the app and from there, pressing "preferences", it can access the "Allow Notify via SMS" enable/disable checkbox:

Feature Enable / Disable Screen

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