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Possible Duplicate:
Sometimes Market update get stuck downloading, how can I cancel?

I have Android 1.6 on original G1. I tried to install Last.FM application and it failed. Since then I always see Last.FM there in process of installation and it can't be canceled or removed or anything.

And what's worse: then installation of new application stopped working at all. Coming back always after a while with "[application] failed to download. Try again later".

Any idea, how to "unblock" the market again?

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One of these previous questions sound like theycould be what you're seeing:……… – GAThrawn Jan 21 '11 at 16:27

This might help: Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications Select Market app and in the details page, press "Clear data".

I had this issue a while back and it got resolved after performing the above.

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