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I have Android x86 4.2 Installed on my Virtual Box. My main purpose is debug with eclipse and get internet on Android

Some how i am able to get internet and also able to connect from adb (of ADT) but not both at a time

i have tried several combination to get both but no luck

How i get Internet

I get internet when i use NAT in one of these 4 adapters 

How i get connected with adb

I get connected with adb when connected to newly created Host Only adapter 

note: the default host only adapter was not working

I have two questions:

First is how i will get both The Internet and connection to adb Second is Can i get my bluetooth and Wifi device available to My Virtual box Android

Note: My Internet connection type is either 3G HSUPA using Modem or WiFi no LAN

Note: when both of them are connected then either of them works not both I have googled, Stacked, Virtual box site too but no luck Initially i was unable to connect to adb but I figured out the way i can! Please any one know the issue.

NAT For Internet

Host Only Adapter #2

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Did you check with netcfg within Android that both are really up? If, e.g., eth1 is down, enable it with netcfg eth1 dhcp up.

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