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On my Samsung Galaxy S 4, I can add contacts to the "ICE - emergency contacts" group. When I initiate the emergency dialer, there are four gray buttons with plus signs. Pressing any one of them brings up a list of the contacts I added to that group.

Each of the buttons acts the same. I would think that you should be able to assign one contact per button and have the button show a name or relation.

Is it possible to do this? How?

emergency dialer

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Once you hit the gray box & that ICE list pops up, I believe you just have to select a contact from that list in order to assign that person/phone number to the box.

Just be careful with assigning contacts to the gray boxes because it can be very easy to pocket dial these people. In case you're interested in removing someone from the gray box, you select the menu button while on the "Emergency Dialer" screen & it'll give the option to remove the contact from the gray box.

Hope it helps.

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Just a wild guess:

  • Open Contacts app
  • Long-press a contact so that a menu appears
  • Click Edit
  • Click Groups
  • Check ICE - emergency contacts

Although I have an S4, I can't try it on my phone due to some security settings.

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Yes, that's the part I've done - as indicated in the first sentence of my question. –  Dennis Williamson Aug 5 '13 at 10:38

Go to Contacts → Groups and you will see a group named "ICE - Emergency Contacts". Add your emergency numbers there and now you can access them from outer screen.

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