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It seems that the hardware erroneously regard the headset as attached at all times (to the 3.5" jack). This makes me unable to make calls without headset or speaker mode.

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This is a hardware problem, but there is an app called toggleheadset2 that has a widget that allows you to override the hardware switch, toggling headset output off/on.

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Toggleheadset2 does indeed control the headset mode the way you said. (Thanks for sharing the link!!!!) However, on my phone it does not affect the status bar headset icon! –  Isaac Rabinovitch Oct 15 '12 at 22:00

Sounds like a hardware issue to me. You should return the phone to wherever you bought it.

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I wrote an app named SoundAbout that fixes this. Find it here.

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It appears that I can solve the problem by jacking in the headphone, turning off the phone, turning on the phone again, and jacking out/in the headphone a few times slowly.

And yes, it is a hardware problem solved by a hardware solution.

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restarting the phone? it sounds more like a software/hardware combo.. ;) –  Power-Inside Jun 23 '11 at 14:00

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