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Summary: Route navigation crashes on starting of route finding.

This is an intermittent bug. It only started happening recently - I think it coincides with when on a desktop browser I volunteered to start using the new version of Google Maps. (I wanted to use the new traffic monitoring feature). I didn't realise it would propagate my choices to my phone as well.

Is there any fix? E.g.

  • How can I configure the navigation app on my phone to use only the more stable mainstream navigation app?
  • How can I configure my Google account to revert to the mainstream version of Google Maps, for all devices?
  • Are there any third party apps which have route navigation similar in quality to that of Google's?


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After you enter the starting point and destination, the app gives you the possible routes. On that screen the best route has a start navigation option; selecting this causes the app to crash. Instead select the route you prefer and then hit the start arrow at the bottom right corner. Works for me.

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