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I bought a new Nexus7 and now I'd like to move a few games from my old Nexus7 to the new one. On the old and new device I have two users. (if it matters anything)

I tried a few first I tried TitaniumBackup, but when I move my backup to the new one and check the integrity, titanium backup says that there are faults. When I try the restore, the app hangs at 0%.

Then I tried the adb backup with the Nexus Root Toolkit...but when I restore, the restore windows ever appears at the first user even though I'm logged in at the second user.

Then I thought about, I can do it manually.. I know that the main app data will be saved at /data/data/package and the specific user data will be saved at /data/user/0 or 10 etc /package. I tries to copy the files from one device to the other...but when I start the app after the copy process, the app crashs.

So can anyone please help me?

PS: Google Backup Service did only work for a few apps.

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To be clear: is it the game's saved data you want to move, rather than the game itself? – Dan Hulme Sep 8 '13 at 12:45
I wanted to move the games saved data (the free and bought apps are still available in the play maket). I looked at the linked forum posts..but all suggestions uses adb backup/restore (or apps like carbon, which uses adb backup/restore), but adb backup/restore does only work for the device administrator. – eickeee Sep 8 '13 at 17:21

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