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I was running JellyBean when my camera wouldn't respond. I tried to factory reset and re-install JellyBean. I think it installed too fast to be proper, it took maybe 45 seconds then rebooted.

Now it's stuck on a "x" screen but when I boot it into bootloader the screen goes black. Each time I hit the volume key it flashes on to where I can see the options, then goes back to black. If you try to select an option it vibrates times and locks up on a black screen.

Any ideas? It's an HTC Desire HD.

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Pete, it doesn't hurt to use some upper-case letter and punctuation from time to time. I took the freedom to convert your text-wall into something readable (and hope I've got it right). Nobody would help you if he had to read the ASCII-salad 5 times to make some sense of it :) Please check if I got things right, then edit it and add details on what exactly you did to "re-install JellyBean": that will help to figure out what went wrong. –  Izzy Sep 20 '13 at 6:48

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