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Using an iPad Mini the Home Button is easily in reach of my right thumb when holding the device in landscape or portrait.

When trying an Android 4.x tablet in a shop however, whether it is a Galaxy Not 10 or a Nexus 10 2013, the home button is on the left side edge in landscape, while the less frequently touched notification area is on the right, right under my main-hand thumb.

I would like home, back and app-switcher button to reside in the proximity of the lower right cornor in both portrait and landscape mode.

From answers to other related questions I gather that there is no possibility to configure the layout of the buttons out of the box (wasted potential...), so I was wondering if there are apps that allow either

  1. Configuring the button layout
  2. Replacing the button bar altogether
  3. Putting a layer with customizable buttons on top of the bar

I've read that launchers can replace (or put a layer on top of) the button bar, but no actual apps doing so were mentioned.

Note that I can't test any of the solutions, since I have no access to an Android tablet; This is however one of the issues that I want to know to be solveable before switching from the iPad.

Requiring root is acceptable, though I'd prefer non-root solutions.

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