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I have a Galaxy S4 4G (I9505) with a 32GB external micro-SD card formatted as exFAT. I use this to record some seminars that takes often 0.5-1.0 hour. The video seems to stop after 30-45 minutes based on the video resolution, but always when the file size reaches 4GB.

I know that ex-FAT allows more than this. My device reads it fine and everything, but the camera app still enforces the limit. I'm using the stock app, on a non-rooted Android 4.2.2 (OTA update), the Samsung version not the Play one. It's also usually not a battery problem (battery is often above %50 after recording, and sometime it's in charger from laptop or power plug).

If I understand correctly, Android API allows overriding this limit and maybe making it unlimited, but I can't find any video recording application that does have this limit disabled. Can you suggest any?

Otherwise, if there is another custom ROM or whatever that I may install to get a modified stock app without the limit, I'd take that as an option, although obviously just recommending a 3rd party video recording app that overrides the limit sounds like a much less hassle (even for someone familiar with rooting and flashing, from my old Galaxy S 1 days).

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This is not an issue with android. The 4GB file limit is inherent to FAT file systems. I hope this stackoverflow link provides some insight: stackoverflow.com/questions/4662412/… –  SyntacticSugar Nov 6 '13 at 8:19
exFAT is not FAT32. exFAT is a Microsoft format that's meant to override the limit but be lighter than the full NTFS filesystem. It's supported in some relatively new phones natively, like Galaxy S4. Read about exFAT on Wikipedia or check something like tech-recipes.com/rx/2801/exfat_versus_fat32_versus_ntfs for more info. –  Meligy Nov 6 '13 at 9:23

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