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I am experiencing a problem with Google Play in my Android phone. When I download new apps from the Play Store, it completes 100% and then shows me an error:

(unknown Error code during application install:''919'')

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Could be an issue with your network, if we believe SO: unknown error code during application install 919 –  Izzy Nov 3 '13 at 10:05
this happened with me the other day and i believe as izzy said it has to do with the network. –  Kmelkon Nov 4 '13 at 5:13

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Converted from my comment on the question itself:

According to a post on StackOverflow, this is most likely a network issue. In his answer there, Vignesh writes:

Its due to wifi restriction, when i connect the internet through my service provider its working fine. Able to install any application.

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I was getting the same thing when updating apps. Tried over wifi and service provider network same thing was not with just one app all apps that were set to up date even google apps. I cleared the cache and it seems to be working fine now settings/app manager/googleplaystore/clear cache

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An anonymous user inserted the following as an edit "It has to do with insufficient storage. Clearing the cache will free up a little space, but you will need to remove or export old unused apps/media." –  Compro01 Jan 26 at 7:58

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