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How can I project my Droid Incredible screen so I can demonstrate the smart phone to a room full of people?

Does anyone know how I can link the phone to a PC? To a TV?

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You can use this project to connect to control and see your phone from your desktop computer:

All you need is the Android SDK installed and a phone that you can use in debug mode over the USB port. Next you can run the screencast right from your browser if you have the java plugin. You can also download androidscreencast.jnlp and run it in a terminal with "javaws androidscreencast.jnlp".

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I tried it and it seems you cannot control the device from the PC if the phone is not rooted. But you can use the phone and see the screen in real time on the PC, which I think is exactly what you want to do. You can then connect your PC to a TV or a projector for a larger screen. – jmbouffard Feb 4 '11 at 16:51
You need root to use this :) – t0mm13b Jun 29 '12 at 14:02
Awesome! Upvoted...Thanks! – blackwolf Feb 5 '15 at 13:41

Droid VNC Server (Root only)

You have to install a VNC Client on the computer then you can display your android screen on the monitor/TV and control it with a keyboard and mouse.

I haven't used it myself because I can't install the Android SDK on the computer I'd use it on. You only need the SDK if you are going to attach it with USB, you don't need it if you want to connect over wifi, but again, the computer I want to use doesn't have wifi either. Anyway, I've read that other solutions have a considerable lag time, and watching this video it appears that this one keeps up pretty well.

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Per the idea of using a TV (or projector) specifically, many devices can do this pretty easily using some kind of digital audio/video output connector. Some devices have micro or mini HDMI ports, which could be used with a proper cable to connect to any HDMI receiver. Others support the MHL standard, which does the same thing but via the USB/charging port. Still others (notably Samsung's tablet lineup) use a proprietary dock connector, but have appropriate composite or digital output cables available.

Typically, support for any of these will be noted in the device's specs, so if outputting content to a TV/projector is an important feature then you'll want to simply examine the spec sheet for such information. For the HTC Incredible specifically, you can get a micro-USB to composite cable.

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If you don't need to display wirelessly .. you can try Droid@Screen application.

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You could use this with wireless too if you could use adb over wifi (usually root, or custom ROMS offer this) – Syakur Rahman Mar 26 '15 at 11:51

I just read a review of Screen Cast & Screen Recorder that's pretty compelling. It requires root, like any on-device solution I'm aware of, but can record decent quality video at up to 30 FPS. The review has example captures from various games and the videos are good enough for most anything you'd want, unless you need HD video for some reason. The review didn't focus as much on the screencasting aspect, but if you need to screencast something at high quality then this app might be a good bet. The app has a free trial so I definitely recommend trying it out.

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I use the Mobizen app to share my android mobile screen on a computer screen. The new web browser version is convenient for presentations because it lets you stream any multimedia from your phone.

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There are 2 free tools available using which you could show demo of your android application using real android devices:

  1. Android projector
  2. Droid @ Screen

FYI, both the above tools are showing screens bit slowly!

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Sounds like a job for TeamViewer, and you can use it to many other things, e.g. to share files, control your PC from Android device and others.

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You can simply:

  1. install Team Viewer Quick Support on your phone
  2. and then connect on it from Team Viewer Client on your PC
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Maybe you can use the TeamViewer tool. You have to install the Android part ( and the desktop/laptop part ( Then your computer has to be connected to a video projector or something like that.

TeamViewer is free for non-office use and pretty smart.

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This doesn't seem like it would solve the OP's problem. TeamViewer will let you control your PC from an Android device, but not vice versa. In order to use the PC to project your phone's screen you'd need the opposite (a way to view and control Android from the PC). – eldarerathis Apr 9 '14 at 21:56
Hi, Thanks for your response. TeamViewer allow you to view Android device screen (and take control) from your PC too. I use the "TeamViewer QuickSupport" app for that. As my laptop can be connected to a video projector I'm able to do some demo during meeting. Cheers Thomas – tdaget Apr 11 '14 at 8:52
Hi again, Free status for this type of usage need to be investigated ... Currently I use it in a Company with paid version so I can't be absolutly certain. Sorry Thomas – tdaget Apr 11 '14 at 9:02

You can use Bigscreen Broadcast ($0.99 on Google Play). It doesn't require any rooting, and you can install it right from the Google Play store. It enables you to project your Android screen (any app) and your Android cameras (both front and back) to a ChromeCast, or to a free Mac companion viewer.

For full disclosure — my brother built this after the functionality was released in Android and I figured I'd help him find people who were looking for this functionality!

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I use screenstream on my Android devices! There is a trial here: I am just happy to have found it, I think it is great because it sends my device screen to vlc through my wifi network, I find it useful and I have good results with it.

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