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I have an Archos 70i and am still unable to get Android Market on it. I want to get a flash player and other apps which I believe is available on Android Market. Can anyone help me in simple English, please? I do have Appslib already but this is lacking the apps i want.

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You probably need to side-load a Market.apk file that's been hacked to work with your device. This will require root. You could also load a custom ROM with the Market already on it. I recommend searching XDA.

That said, you won't be able to get Flash unless you have/get 2.2. Flash requires Android 2.2+ as well as an ARMv7 or better processor. The 70 series is supposed to have an A8 Cortex based on ARMv7, so that part's OK.

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As of March 10 you can install the 'ArcTools' from the AppsLib.

This will let you install the Android Market - and thus also Gmail, Flash and all the things which are unavailable otherwise.

Did this yesterday on my Archos 101 and this worked without problems . I know now have the official Facebook, the TweetCaster program - to name but a few programs I was really missing.

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Edelcom, I loaded it and AppsLib informed me that the eLocity is an unsupported device. – user5008 May 10 '11 at 22:04
@fredi: Where you able to install the Android market ? If so, could you please accept an answer ? – Edelcom May 11 '11 at 4:47

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