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I have several Gmail accounts running on Android via the Gmail for Android app. When I open my contacts, they are all together, and I don't know who belongs to which Gmail address. I thought that the different colours of the "no photo" placeholders to the left of the contact's name in the contact manager possibly was an indicator of which account the contact belonged to, but no such luck. The only way I have figured out is:

  1. Open the contact and click "edit" and the associative Gmail account for that contact is listed directly under the contact name at the top of the edit window;
  2. Actually go and change the view parameters so you are only viewing contacts for 1 account at a time.

Both of these methods are time consuming, susceptible to a myriad of erroneous keystrokes when the dog jumps on the chair with me, and INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.

Or maybe there is something better to use as an Android email app that can handle 6 different Gmail accounts?

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