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When I press the speech-to-text button on my keyboard, I can dictate some text. Say I have a pub called the Red Lion that I want to mention. How can I get it to type "Red Lion" instead of "red lion"?

Letting it enter "red lion" and going back and editing it with a normal keyboard is very slow, because the popup menu of alternative transcriptions makes each edit take an extra click.

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Related to this is: How to make voice typing use punctuation. –  Scott Severance Dec 2 '13 at 19:13
@ScottSeverance That's easy: you just name the punctuation mark you want to type. It insists on calling a full stop "period", and only works for the most common punctuation marks, but it's fine for short messages. –  Dan Hulme Dec 5 '13 at 22:04

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You can't (at the present). There is no command in voice recognition for typing to specify that a common noun is a proper noun and it needs to be capitalized. However, this service seems to be in beta version (see the link below) and we can expect some improvements soon:


For now, Android speech recognition is focused on recognizing commands such as "go to", "send email", "set alarm", mainly for the use with Google Now. In the link below are listed the voice action commands that are recognized actually:


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