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I'm looking for an app that can produce graphs of data entered on the android device - scatter graphs in particular. Also the user must be able to create the file from scratch and enter their own data.

So if there is a spreadsheet app that users can create a new spreadsheet, enter data into, and will then produce a scatter graph of the data, that would fit the bill perfectly. But other more limited apps (an overly powerful calculator?) could fulfil the purpose well enough.

Also, this will be run on Android tablets that do not have the Google Android Market on them, so it must be possible to download the apk directly. Having to pay for it would be acceptable if that is the only option we get.

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But other more limited apps (an overly powerful calculator?) could fulfill the purpose well enough.

How about a TI-83, TI-85, or a TI-86 calculator? If you know how to use any of these calculators, then you should be able to do what you want on you Android device via these calculator emulators.

On a TI-83 (what I'm familiar with), you can go to STAT --> EDIT: and enter your X points on L1 and Y points on L2. You can then use options under CALC to determine the function that the points follow. If you want to show the plots on the graph, you have to press 2nd + Y= (to get STAT PLOT) and enable Plot1 for L1 and L2. Then go to GRAPH and it should show your points.

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