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How to erase all contacts from an Android phone?
There are about 3200 contacts.

The full story

I don't manage my contacts with Google Contacts, but with another tool that can export to the VCF format.

The first time I imported my VCF file into Google Contacts, my Android phone synced and got all contacts, perfect.

After a while, having new contacts, I exported to VCF again, and imported again to Google Calendar. All contacts got duplicated on the phone.

I removed all contacts using Google Contacts web interface in Gmail, and re-imported, but contacts get duplicated every time.

I just want to start from scratch, remove all contacts, and import from my new VCF file.

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Does this work for you? contacts -> menu -> delete -> select all -> delete

If not there are apps "Delete Contacts" in the market you could try.

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In the contacts app (came by default on my HTC Magic Android 1.5), the menu only contains: Search, New contact, Display group, Edit sync groups, import contacts. No "delete" option :-( Now I will look for the apps you mention. –  Nicolas Raoul Jul 20 '10 at 5:16
The "delete contacts" application from "United Mobile Apps Pvt Ltd" works as advertised :-) It takes quite a long time, so the "close or wait" dialog appears, but just wait for a dozen minutes and a message appears when all of the contacts are gone. Thanks! –  Nicolas Raoul Jul 20 '10 at 5:53

I cant find that option in my Nexus 7. It seems they have removed this in Jellybean or Kitkat. This is what i do.

Settings>Apps>All> Contacts> Clear data, clear cache

Settings>Apps>All> Contacts Storage > Clear data, clear cache

This will clear all the database of the People app.

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