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I don't want to root my phone to delete some applications installed by the provider, but I would like to hide them from the menu, since I know that I won't use them often. I know that it is possible to do that with the alternative launcher, but I'm using the original one. Is there an application that can do that?

If it matters, I'm using a HTC Desire.

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The only ways I know to remove it are the two ways you listed (that you don't want to do):

  1. Root phone. Freeze application with Titanium Backup
  2. Install a different launcher such as Launcher Pro which lets you hide apps.

Only a home launcher can disable what is show in the app drawer. If your current launcher doesn't support it, then you are unfortunately out of luck.

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+1 for the Launcher Pro option. It is the least risky (not everyone likes to attempt to root) and easily reversible. – shambleh Feb 14 '11 at 15:47
Almost all laucher apps support hiding of apps..On my experience Apex lets you do it.. – Lucky May 27 '15 at 19:21

I use ADW Launcher. I made a drawer with apps I use. Then I removed shortcut to main app menu, and placed instead a shortcut to my custom drawer.

This way I don't see apps I don't usually use, but I still have access to them in case I really want (I just edit my custom drawer).

And ADW Launcher isn't something that voids your warranty.

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The way I organize my Home Screen is that it contains everything I needed, and my App Menu contains everything else that I never needed to see. This way, I almost never need to use the App Menu, except when using a new application.

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