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I installed ADW.Launcher on my Galaxy S running Froyo (2.2) to check it out.

When it was installed, every time I pressed the 'home' button, I got a choice which launcher to start.

In the end I found this irritating, I choose the default installed one, and checked the 'use as default' check box.

All fine, but now, I can't seem to be able to start the ADW.Launcher any more.

No icon in my application list and none on my home screens.

How do I start ADW.Launcher again ( without re-installing it ). I verified that it is still installed on my device.

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You need to remove the default setting for the Launcher application.

Menu | Settings | Applications | Manage applications | "All" | Launcher | Clear defaults

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There is an app on the market called Home Switcher (or if your on Froyo 2.2). It allows you to easily switch or launch another Launcher.

Home Switcher

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This is a great app, I've used it with my NookColor quite often – Bryan Denny Feb 16 '11 at 16:12

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