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Is it possible to install an app from Play Store using the command line and if yes, how?

What I am trying to accomplish is something similar to using adb install file.apk but instead of an apk file the target would be a package name of a Play Store app (for e.g. adb install com.spotify.mobile.android.ui).

Is something like this possible?

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Short Answer : No.

Long Answer :

adb install is a "shortcut" that is equivalent to open a shell (using adb shell) and type pm install. pmstand for package-manager and his behaviour is the same as other package manager in other Linux distributions (like aptitude in Debian or pacmanin Arch Linux) except that pm doesn't fetch package from a distant location.

The Play Store is an application like others, and we can't call android applications like we call a program like a C or "normal" Java program, because the .apk file isn't actually a binary, but a simply zipped package. It is the Dalvik Virtual Machine (sort of equivalent to the Java VM) that deals with running applications. The Play Store application simply download the application you want and then run pm install on the package downloaded.

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What about downloading an APK file from Play Store without using third-party applications? –  Nikolay Ivanov Jan 19 '14 at 22:12

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