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I want to have it so that when I take a picture it automatically syncs to a private folder in picasa, is there a native way to do this? or maybe a third party way?

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I don't think you can sync automatically on the Galaxy S at present but I understand it is supported in Froyo which is apparently coming to the Galaxy S soon. In the meantime there is an app or two that does this.

PicPush has a free 30 day trial, then costs $4.99. QRCode for the Android Market below

PicPush QRCode

Docs Pics apparently does a load of things including syncing files to Picasa. It is free.

Doc Pics QRCode

I've not used either app yet. I'll update if I get a chance to try them.

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I believe this is now possible if you sign up to Google+.

Install the Google+ app. Open it. Then under Menu->Settings there is an Instant Upload option with the following description: "Automatically upload new photos & videos to a private web albumn."

There are also a bunch of settings to control it under Instant Upload Settings.

When you activate this and take some photos, they come up under an Instant Upload album in Picasa.

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In reality Google should have built 2-way sync into Picasa from the start. – thunsaker Jul 17 '11 at 5:40
Absolutely. I've heard rumours that it is coming in Android 3.0 but not sure. – sickgemini Jul 18 '11 at 2:00

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